Priced Per Share. Order up to the Limited Available only 75 Primary Shares of RJ&J Stock. (Order one share up to the amount available.)

RJ&J Industries ownes "PlumberTime" plumbing Company & "Signs By R&J" Online Store. Purchase at your own risk. (however we believe they will be worth much more in due time.) Currently Priced at $100. Dollars each Share. Once your payment is cleared, we will Call and Verify your order and Information. Stock Certificates will be mailed to you  These are Primary Corporate Stocks and Can be valued at anywhere from .0015 cents per share to whatever the Success of RJ&J Industries May bring. This is an Investment for Buyer with no guarantees of our Company Success and or future value.  This is an attempt to raise Cashflow in order to meet our current Company Client needs. There is no refunds on Stock. All purchases of Stock are final. This is a Short-term offer while available. These are for your investment purpose only. We believe one day they will be worth much more then this offer.

Please call for any questions (480)393-9736.

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RJ&J Primary Stock (Priced per Share)

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