Smartphone Pillow "Butchy Brown"

Smart-phone Pillow" Style/Color-"Butchy Brown", A Pillow for Cell Phones.

YouTube Video SmartPhone Pillow Demo:

Notice: Cell Phone is not included.

Take Care of your Cell phone by giving it a resting place wherever you set it down... by your Bedside, at your Desk, at work, at School, in your Car. (Size is Approximately 4"x 5.75"x 1/2" thick) All Cell phones look nice on it.

The Price is Good... so why not buy an extra one for Work, Your Car & Your home.

Note: Normal Cell-Phone care & Safety Precautions should be Taken Per Your Manufactures Instructions. "Signs By RnJ" is Not Responsable for any Cell Phone Damage by the use of this product.  However, we believe The "Smart-Phone Pillow" may actually keep your phone elevated and safer from harms way, like liquid spills etc. Proper Cell Phone Ventilation rules should be followed per your Cell Phone Manufactures Instructions. Product is made for the cell Phone to sit on and not to be Covered with.

We Believe you will enjoy the "Smart-phone Pillow" and infact it may help keep your phone safer from falls, Scratches, and other normal Cell phone table storage in day to day use.

Thank You and Enjoy.

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Smartphone Pillow "Butchy Brown"

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